"We put a great importance on investments!"



"We put a great importance on foreign trade!"


"We put a great importance on training and learning!"


"We put a great importance on our job!"


Our Services


The spectrum of our consultancy services is as follows:

 - All kinds of investments
 - Establishing joint-ventures; buying firms; company marriages; merger
 - Export and import transactions
 - Investment and export incentives and state supports
 - Customs transactions
 - Establishing free zones
 - EU issues
 - Standardisations in export and import
 - Obtaining trademark and patent
 - Investment and foreign trade financing
 - Preparing feasibility studies for investments
 - Preparing market studies on country and product basis
 - Consultancy in related issues of above stated topics ,


 - Functions as your correspondance address in Ankara. Conveys to you the information as quickly as possible.
 - Organizes your official and bussines visits and appointments.
 - Makes your reservations.
 - Regulates your Ankara visits working and meeting rooms.
 - Follows as your representive, on demand, your files and gives you information about the progress.
 - Organizes your meetings (with or witout dining) in Ankara.
 - Gives you secretarial service in Ankara.
 - Provides you all the technical facilities such as phone, fax, computer, photocopier, internet.
 - Informs you weekly, on demand, by e-mailing or faxing about economic developments.
 - Meets your needs of interpreting, media services etc.