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"We put a great importance on foreign trade!"


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About Us

Ankara Ofis was established in 2000 in a form of Joint-Stock Company by the Turkish Foreign Trade Foundation and Foundation of Turkish Bussinesmen Abroad with the aim operating in service sektor.

The idea has originated from the needs (difficulties on getting information about specific issues) of companies which are operating in domestic and international markets. Besides, the plans of setting up an office  in Turkey on a temporary basis was one of the other motives. After realising the gap on this kind of subjects Ankara Ofis was founded .
Yerli ve yabancı firmaların yurt içinde temsilciliğini üstlenmek, onlara ofis imkanı sunmak, Ankara ve Türkiye’nin diğer kentlerinde yapacakları temas ve faaliyetleri organize etmek, talepleri halinde uzman danışmanlar tahsis temek gibi faaliyetler amaçlarımız içindedir.

Among our goals are

 - Taking representation of national and international companies
 - Offering office facilities
 - Organising the contacts and activities of these companies in Ankara and in whole Turkey
 - Assigning advisers on demand

We also meet the needs of domestic and foreign investors, such as

 - Investment, including “greenfield” investment and trade
 - Operationel transactions and insentives, state supports in above mentioned fields
 - Joint-venture and similar co-operations and buying firms

and in line with this we covered;

 - Technical,
 - Juridical and
 - Economical

advising needs under the same roof and at the same time we give services such as;

 - Competent,
 - Efficient and
 - Comprehensive

One of our activity fields is “Foreign Trade Training”.  “Teaching foreign trade” is a very valuable and precious aspects of our working life.