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"We put a great importance on investwents!"



"We put a great importance on foreign trade!"


"We put a great importance on training and learning!"


"We put a great importance on our job!"



Ankara Ofis is a common establishment of the Turkish Foreign Trade Foundation and Foundation of Turkish Bussinesmen Abroad which is the creator of the concept “ World Convention of Turkish Bussinesmen”. The mentioned Foundations were established by the experienced former bureaucrats who took high ranking positions and responsibilties during their public service years in economic institutions.

Ankara Ofis works with a special service understanding , determined by its founders.

In this framework and with consciousness of being a foundation establishment Ankara Ofis puts an exceptional value on its service quality and respects with the whole expert-team the principles below:

 - Secrecy and keeping secret
 - Order and diciplin
 - Value of time